Training mind, body, spirit, and more!




Introducing The Inner Peace Facilitator Training and Certification Program!

  • Shannon is now accepting referrals for individual sessions
  • Spring and Summer Retreats Now Available for Booking
  • Phoenix Allies for Community Health had their retreat facilitated by Shannon in January.   Get on the calendar for your group or organization this spring and summer!

Training for your organization:

  • Stress management
  • Burn-out prevention
  • Conflict resolution and mediation
  • Self-care for helpers and others
  • Increase Your Peace series
  • Resiliency
  • Team building

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“This is not a lecture.  This is a journey.  A personal experience with ourselves continues, and we just need a light like Shannon’s to guide us.”

 – Alicia Jade Geurin, TTU 


Holistic Coaching

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Shannon’s approaches have been personally transformative. She has helped me to touch into deep currents that drive my life and change unhelpful life patterns.

-Janine Schipper, PhD, Professor of Sociology, NAU

The Mission Statement of Inner Peace Facilitation and Training, LLC
Inner Peace through its Director, Shannon Arnett, is a source and reflection of inspiration, joy, positive transformation, and empowerment throughout the world.  Inner Peace reminds clients of the peace within themselves so they can successfully cultivate the very best of life in every arena; mind, body, spirit, family, school, work, and community.

Vision Statement of Inner Peace Facilitation and Training, LLC
Inner Peace through its Director Shannon Arnett facilitates opportunities for clients to live their best lives through two co-occurring avenues:
Avenue One:
Through frequently scheduled trainings, speaking events and workshops, groups of all sizes share inspirational experiences and positive energy as a contagious forces impacting lives of all who attend.  National and international audiences in universities, colleges, organizations and businesses learn ways to cultivate productive, peaceful, and harmonious environments.  From these environments much then becomes possible!  Continued growth, teamwork, and valuable service to their own clientele all increase exponentially.
Avenue Two:
Through  individual sessions, clients deepen their own knowledge and trust of their true nature and life path, transforming obstacles and manifesting dreams toward inner peace and joy.
In both avenues, groups and clients are forever empowered with strategies to reduce stress, improve personal and relational health, and increase overall life satisfaction for mind, body and spirit.

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